Fee Schedule

Our fees differ per account type. All fees are based on an annual base charge of $2,000 and a tiered scale calculated by a percentage of the assets under management. As the assets under management increase the fee percentage decreases (as outlined below).

Darwin Fees
Trust Estate Settlement Services

Tax Preparation Services
Darwin Trust Company offers to manage the preparation and filing of federal and state fiduciary income tax returns. To assist in that process, we retain third-party accounting firms. We allocate some of the tax preparations fee to the third-party accounting firm for its services. Any excess portion is retained.

Notes About Fees

  • Unless otherwise noted in the governing document or specified by applicable law, all fees are charged based on rates as disclosed in our Fee Schedule.
  • Some products and services may require additional fees not specifically listed in this document.
  • This fee schedule is subject to change.
  • Minimum annual fee $2,000
  • Related accounts are combined for fee purposes and fees are pro-rated to each account.
  • Certain tax preparation fees may apply.
  • When unusual or extraordinary services are requested or required, reasonable additional fees will be charged for the duties performed.
  • No legal services of any kind are contemplated or included in any fee.

Real Estate Services

Trusts that include real estate, require different management and additional fees from traditional investments. Third parties may be used for certain real estate services, such as insurance, appraisals, or inspections. Fees from outside professionals will be charged as an expense to the trust.

Affiliate Transactions
Darwin Trust Company, LLC, is an affiliate of Gosselin & Kyriakidis, PC DBA Gosselin Law and DBA Hope Elder Law; Senior Living Home Sales, LLC DBA Center Square Realty. An affiliate is a company under common control or ownership. Affiliates can be financial or nonfinancial.

We may use our affiliates for account-related services. The commissions for these transactions are typically included in our fees, but additional fees for other services by our affiliates may be charged to your account. You will be notified of any such changes in writing.