KLR Wealth Darwin

Darwin Trust and KLR Wealth Management
Supporting your wealth and legacy goals, together.

As your trusted wealth manager, we are always looking for ways to add more value to our relationship with you.

Our collaboration with KLR Wealth Management is an exclusive benefit to Darwin Trust clients and delivers a powerful extension of services, including comprehensive tax and retirement planning.

Why would Darwin Trust bring in KLR?

More wealth can be more complicated. You might require a more comprehensive wealth management approach to maximize your net worth. Or perhaps you need brokerage services, such as a 529 account, or an involved financial plan to include tax and retirement planning. That’s where KLR Wealth Management comes in. Together, with your Darwin Trust team, we understand your specific goals and create solutions that support you in making them a reality.

Who is KLR Wealth Management?

KLR Wealth Management is a New England-based group of talented professionals who provide comprehensive wealth management services. Serving successful individuals and families, KLR uses a consultative process to identify each client’s current financial situation and challenges, and then, together with the Darwin Trust team, designs solutions to help you achieve your most important goals. KLR provides investment advisory services, financial planning, insurance, estate planning, retirement planning and other wealth management services.