Working Together in the Best Interests of Your Clients

Your Partners in Wealth

Darwin Trust collaborates with CPAs, lawyers, investment advisors, employers, and other professionals offering unique benefits that complement your existing offering.

We can help:

  • CPAs minimize capital gains on tax returns
  • Lawyers to enforce the terms of a trust
  • Investment advisors to ensure that assets are managed, and as trustee, that they are administered based on the instructions of a trust.

As your trusted partner, we make it easy for you to focus on what you do best for your clients, and Darwin Trust will take care of the rest. Taking the time to understand your business goals and addressing your client’s needs, we work to build a partnership. You can expect transparency in our actions and guidance to help you navigate any uncharted territory. 

As a New Hampshire chartered trust company, your client will have the tax advantages of a New Hampshire trust, no matter where they live.

Experience the Darwin Difference

The KLR Wealth Management team works in collaboration with Darwin Trust to understand clients’ specific goals and create solutions that best serve them.

Working with KLR Wealth Management, Darwin Trust clients are provided an exclusive benefit and receive a powerful extension of services, including comprehensive tax planning.

More wealth can be more complicated. Clients might require a more comprehensive wealth management approach to maximize their net worth. Or perhaps they need brokerage services, such as a 529 account, or an involved financial plan to include tax and retirement planning. That’s where our partner, KLR Wealth Management, comes in. Together, with the Darwin Trust team, we can understand clients’ specific goals and create solutions that will make them a reality.

Your Partners in Wealth

Our partners benefit from expertise, collaboration and relationships that help you deliver new value to your clients.