Settling an Estate

Protecting the Financial Legacy of Your Clients

With comprehensive estate services, you can offer security in your client’s future. Adding Darwin Trust as your trusted fiduciary gives your team a powerful new way to help your clients achieve their financial goals.

Estate Services include:

  • Review of wills and trusts
  • Assessment of legacy goals
  • Analysis of tax implications
  • Paying expenses, debts, and distributions
  • Collecting, valuing, and or managing assets
  • Estate tax return preparation

Your Partners in Wealth

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

The estate settlement process is anything but simple. By engaging in proactive planning, you can facilitate the management of your clients’ financial arrangements to their beneficiaries with ease. Collaborating with advisors, we offer guidance in navigating the legal complexities and administrative details involved in estate settlement.

The Darwin Difference


Joseph, a 70-year-old man, recognized the need to leave his home and find a place where he could receive regular care as he aged. He also needed to make decisions about his sizable retirement account and where to leave his legacy, as he had no children or siblings.


Joseph needed to take things slow and steady, so we took the time to get to know his hopes, dreams, and challenges. After educating him on trusts, we helped to clarify and organize his legacy through legal assistance, estate planning, and trust services. We also worked with him on a financial plan to better manage his wealth.


With guidance, Joseph was able to make informed decisions about his legacy and protect his assets now and in the future. Grateful that Darwin Trust looked at his situation holistically, Joseph worked with a recommended placement assistance service to help him find an independent living facility with assisted options and a real estate broker to oversee selling his home. Although change did not come naturally to Joseph, he made changes for the better for his life and his legacy.

Experience the
Darwin Difference