Tailored Trust Services
to Transform your
Clients’ Futures

Bring your clients’ long-term plans to fruition with comprehensive trust services. Administering all types of trusts including revocable, irrevocable, charitable, and special needs, we help ensure the proper execution of the trust in accordance with grantors’ instructions. Partner with us, and together, we will give your clients the expertise and support they need to achieve their financial goals.

Your Partners in Wealth

Guiding Trusts with Compassion

Trust and Fiduciary Services

Partner with a New Hampshire chartered trust company that holds full fiduciary powers. As a corporate trustee, the wishes of your clients will be carried out in accordance of their trust terms.

  • Provide for the safeguarding and distribution of assets
  • Ensure proper administration in accordance with the terms of the trust
  • Process transactions
  • Collect and distribute income
  • Generate statements

Special Needs Trusts

We understand the unique legal, financial, and personal issues that must be addressed with the administration of a special needs trust. As an experienced and empathetic fiduciary, we deliver new resources for you to handle unique cases, providing your clients with peace of mind knowing that their loved ones’ best interests are protected.

Custody Services

Secure your clients’ assets through custody services. With experience and a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in the custody process, we are committed to providing the best solutions for your clients.

Gain access to custodial services. As custodian, Darwin Trust manages the collection and distribution of income and principal, providing a layer of protection for your clients’ assets. Your clients will receive transaction reporting and performance management to ensure they remain informed about their investments.

The Darwin Difference


Hannah, a single mother with two children with autism, inherited a family home and two trusts following her father’s passing. She was overwhelmed with managing her finances, understanding trusts, and deciding whether to sell or expand the inherited house.


Seeking guidance to navigate her financial situation, Hannah found Darwin Trust. Starting with the basics, the Darwin Trust team explained to Hannah what she owned and why, including the purpose of trusts and the role of a trustee. Looking to help Hannah gain confidence in her financial future, we then discussed the options for the inherited house. After connecting with an architect and real estate professional Hannah was provided pricing and a cost/benefit analysis for adding onto the house versus selling it.


Taking a holistic approach, Hannah had a better understanding, felt supported, and gained confidence to manage her finances and make informed decisions regarding her inherited house. Now, as Hannah’s trusted advisors, we are looking out for her and her family’s financial well-being.

Experience the
Darwin Difference