Maximize Wealth with Goal-Oriented Investment Management

Smart Money Management

Everyone’s financial situation is different. Tailored financial planning and investment strategies for your clients’ unique goals will help protect their hard-earned money.

Investment Solutions

  • Goal Discussion and Risk Assessment
  • Financial Plan Development
  • Tax and Expenses Analysis
  • Customized Asset Allocation
  • Individualized Investment Plan
  • Monitoring and Rebalancing

Your Partners in Wealth

Investment Philosophy

Exchange traded funds (ETFs), which have inherently low fees; low-cost mutual funds; and individual bonds are utilized to manage costs when investing for your clients and to build their portfolio. By taking advantage of the long-term impact of managing the fees and tax implications of investing, your clients’ costs will be controlled. As a full-service trust company, our assistance also extends to managing your client’s individual stocks, commodities, artwork, real estate investments, and other tangible assets.

The Darwin Difference


Mary’s passion was always cooking, but her family’s finances had been put on the back burner. However, when her husband, became ill, she knew she needed to get her affairs in order.


Mary turned to Darwin Trust. Visiting Mary’s home, we could tell she was overwhelmed with paperwork and little understanding of her and her husband’s assets. After talking through her concerns and goals, we created an asset inventory and helped her consolidate her accounts. We explained that to have access to the assets, she needed to reregister them in the name of a trust.


Thinking long term, we worked with Mary to create an investment strategy that provided her with monthly income to live comfortably and an estate plan that ensured a legacy for her children. With her finances in order, Mary could focus on John and feel empowered and confident in her financial future.

Experience the
Darwin Difference